Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Music for Little Mozarts (ages 4-6)   

Music for Little Mozarts is a unique program designed specifically for children ages 4 - 6.  This series teaches the fundamentals of music with the needs of the small child in mind.  Piano lessons are a combination of stories, singing, dancing, coloring, playing games, and yes, playing the piano!  The studio supplements additional material as needed for each individual child, and a prize box is a great incentive to do some serious learning!  Music for Little Mozarts students receive private instruction as well as ocassional group instruction.  Parents are welcome to stay and partake in lessons.  Students will perform in all major studio performances (2 nursing home performances, and 2 recitals annually).

Lessons occur all year around.

  Private Piano Lessons   

Private piano lessons are an option for anyone ages 4 to 84!  [4 to 6 year olds follow the Music for Little Mozarts curriculum.]  Ages 6 and up follow the Bastien piano series, with supplemental material as necessary for each individual's needs.  Lessons are catered to each student's needs with games, work-sheets, activity sheets, and demonstrations.  Topics covered include:  music theory, ear training, sight reading, performance, and music history.  Students will perform in all major studio performances (2 nursing home performances, and 2 recitals annually).  Lessons occur all year around.

  Private Voice Lessons  

Private voice lessons are available to anyone ages 5 and up.  Piano proficiency is highly recommended for students 18 and under.  If the student has not had piano, they may take voice lessons alongside piano lessons.  Voice students will learn proper breathing techniques, anatomy of the larynx, how to sing in the 4 main vocal registers, and how to sing a variety of musical styles from pop to Broadway to classical.  Lessons are catered specifically to each individual's vocal strengths and weaknesses.  Vocal exercises are designed to aide each students' vocal needs.  Students will perform in all major studio performances (2 nursing home performances and 2 recitals annually).  Lessons occur year around.


  Game Nights 

Game Nights are a fun way to help reinforce concepts students are working on in lessons, meet their peers, and have FUN learning about music!  Students are split up into groups based on ability.  Older students that may not be as advanced are placed in "teacher positions" for the younger groups.  Game nights occur at various times throughout the year, and are available to studio students only.  Some game nights are organized to raise funds for studio expenses, and some are organized to take the place of holiday lessons (i.e. winter break).  Game night activities include:  singing, dancing, composing, music history stories, listening activities, crafts, music theory games, ear training games, and most always, treats are involved!

 Teacher Training 

Individuals looking for hands on teaching oportunities are welcome to the studio.  Teachers in training are required to take an hour weekly lesson.  The time will be used according to the student's needs and/or interests for teaching.  Lessons focus on the fundamentals of music, and appropriate ways to teach those fundamentals to various ages and learner types.  We will also discuss important aspects of owning your own business - if there is an interest.  Student teachers will have the opportunity to observe lessons, assist with Game Nights, and assist with studio performances.

Zoom Lessons

All lessons are available via Zoom to students unable to travel to the studio. **Currently, all lessons are online due to the pandemic.**

guitar close up

Ukulele lessons are available to anyone ages 5 and up. Singers especially love the simplicity of the ukulele for accompanying themselves! Ukulele can be as simple as you like, or as complex as you like!


Private Ukulele Lessons 

Guitar lessons are available to anyone ages 8 and up. It is recommended that young students begin with ukulele, then graduate to guitar. The size of the ukulele and simplicity of 4 strings versus 6 is much easier for a small child, than a guitar. Guitar lessons are taught by instructor, James McMann.


Private Guitar Lessons